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Weapons of Power 2003 - It's Time for Revival

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              WEAPONS OF POWER 2003 - DVD

Juanita Bynum Weapons of Power Conference 2003, "It’s Time for Revival" St. Louis, Missouri Speakers:

1. Opening Night - Dr Juanita Bynum 2. Leprosy in the Church - Evangelist Marcia Morrison 3. We've Never Been This Way Before - Prophet Andre Jones 4. This Time Tomorrow - Bishop Eric Garnes 5. There's Power in What You Say - Co-Pastor Darlene Bishop 6. Conference Highlights - Praise & Worship, the WOP 2003 Dancers, Guest Speakers and much more!!!

Dr. Juanita Bynum is the dynamic president and founder of Juanita Bynum Ministries, a unique ministry in which God truly manifests His glory. Dr. Bynum flows under a powerful threefold evangelistic prophetic and psalmist anointing causing her to be an effective instrument of deliverance and spiritual breakthroughs.